You're Doing It Wrong

All of your measures,
And all of this effort,
Are futile!

You’re not going to get anywhere like that,
Trust us,
We’ve years and years of experience…
β€”Millions of years;

That first message was read in disbelief,
By those gathered round,
β€”The world’s assembled intelligentsia;

All of your ideas…
Are in the same vainβ€”
Liquid-fuel rocket propulsion,
Ion rocket propulsion,
Solar sail,
Nuclear ramjet,
Nuclear pulse propulsion,
Quantum vacuum thruster,

β€”They’re all just different ways,
Of trying to go around space,
Which is such a barbaric and brute-force approach!

The trick,
You see,
Is to go through space;

Wormholing is the only way to do it!


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