Day 86

Just read some disturbing reports in the news. The Stupid have attempted to march on Whitehall. Despite the (now) daily mass killings by the army, they continue to keep up their resistance. A large group remain camped up Snowdon.

It’s truly dystopian, beyond 1984-type stuff. It’s effectively a kind of eugenics, but one that is weirdly self-inflicted. The rest of us (The Sane, or Intelligent) continue to follow the lockdown measures.

Every now and then, The Stupid attempt to break through our fortifications. Our first daily task is always to meticulously check defences over windows and doorwaysβ€” and re-attach any boards which may have come loose. This morning after a bad night of it, we found a few. We were lucky, as The Stupid apparently came close to breaking through. It has worried us.

The sound of 20 Stupid trying to hammer and claw their way in is a deathly, bone-chilling racket. It rattles round your soul, such that even on the quiet nights you don’t really sleep, and spend the night tossing in bed, re-living that nightmare and waking up in cold sweats.

I must go now, as Boris is due to speak in 10 minutes to announce more severe measures.


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