Tough To Stomach

How to deal,
With the fact of,
Two housemates so blatantly going against all advice,
Going in and out, in and out to friends and with friends,

And even before this situation,
They’d be so absorbed in their phones,
Even whilst walking right past you,
Not even acknowledging you,

As if proud of their profound detachment;

It’s scary,

And I can be strong,
And endure isolation,
I can find new ways to do things,
To keep myself going,

I can be strong for others,
And help get them through it,

Feeling (as the front door slams so gleefully),

The evidence of those who are setting us back,

β€”That’s the toughest part of the whole thing,
For me.


20 thoughts on “Tough To Stomach

      1. Thanks! Indeed! πŸ™‚ it’s an awesome daily purpose to have. It’s a relief to return to simpler purposes πŸ™‚

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      2. Right?? That’s what my intentions have been for most of my life as an intuitive empath. Now it’s society’s chance to really see this situation as just that….making our lives more simple, care for others and shifting into a more humanitarian environment πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ™Œ

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      3. Yes!! Thank you! You and I are kindred spirits! I’ve also always had that goal, and been hurt by others’ suffering.

        I’ve long felt so out of tune with society and the way most people live, and it’s been depressing and demotivating. I always expected a situation like this would happen eventuallyβ€” there are too many ways for it to happen. And that when it did, it would suit me more and create positive changes.

        I am so glad to see you expressing similar things! I’m really motivated by the chance to improve things for the better.

        And another thing which I did not expectβ€” due to the nature of the emergencyβ€” the potential massive benefit this could make to society’s usage of energy and transport. If values and priorities shift, we may see less consumerism and travel. Appreciating more of what we have πŸ™‚. And the environment is getting a much-needed break, right now.

        You can see at Chernobyl how quickly environments can recover, once humans have left, which gives hope.

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      4. Wonderfully true examples my friend. Yes, we are kindred spirits. We have this opportunity to reverse the ways in which we are pillaging our planet. It’s really quite extraordinary to witness. Once dear is removed perspective shifts, wisdom can be sought.

        I really like the example of Chernobyl too. One value I have held tightly to over the past 10 years of my own healing is hope. The acronym I use is Hold On Pain Ends

        I too predicted this a few years ago. For me here in the US, I knew our election of our current president would usher in a disaster like this of epic proportions. I tend to not get political online but I feel I can share this opinion with you. It was all inevitable my friend.


      5. My heart breaks though when I think of the potential and current suffering of health workers, and those who have to die alone. It just inspires me even more to give myself completely to helping people, even if it puts myself at risk, if it comes to it.

        I don’t assume I will survive it, but I likely will. The way to deal with that guilt is to honour those who don’t and whom are in harms way.

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      6. Yes, it is wise to never assume and always be willing to help. No matter what. That is my own lifestyle and purpose. As an intuitive empath and HSP it feels quite heavy in our world currently so I am doing my part to spread love, hope and faith❀❀❀


    1. Haha! Would love to! That’s definitely the plan. My housing is currently provided by the state, and my support person just suggested in an email the other day, that we could work towards getting me living independently. They can provide me a place to myself potentially. They’ve seen that I am responsible which really helps my cause. So there is light!

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