Emergency Yellow Red Lentils!

Lentils (one measure, any amount)β€” IN!
Water (two measures)β€” IN!
Saltβ€” IN!
Pepperβ€” IN!

Turmeric (any amount!)β€” IN!
Cayenne pepperβ€” IN!
“Who, me!?”,
β€”Of margarine…IN!

Panβ€” ON!
Set timer (10 mins)β€” ON!

Taste lentilsβ€”
β€”Adjust water,
Set timer (5-10 mins)β€” ON!

Taste lentils,

Bowlβ€” IN!
Forkβ€” IN!
Mouthβ€” IN!


33 thoughts on “Emergency Yellow Red Lentils!

      1. Haha, they’re FUCKING RAW. Bad girl lol.

        I can relate, I’m impatient in the kitchen unless I set a timer and leave it the fuck alone! 😁. I can’t even stay in the room whilst the kettle boils.

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      2. No you don’t! It can’t be learned lol, just got to work with/around it 😁.

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      1. By the way I just baked perfect banana bread πŸ˜‰.

        Your husband better not read this lol 🀣.

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      2. Dang, I am on my way over for some of that bread!
        Don’t tell my hubby, though ,he is jealous of fellas that bake perfect banana bread!
        But, first I have to fire up the leer-jet! LOl
        BTW, I have left comments on your other blog and they all have disappeared!
        Did you hit a wrong button again, huh,huh, huh????

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      3. LOL! Hahahaha 🀣. How specific of him. I shall bake apple crumble next time then πŸ˜„ with custard 😁.

        Whaaat! I don’t know, I will look!

        Have you been drinking wine? πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

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      4. Oh, but he is even more jealous of fellas that bake apple crumble . LOL
        No, no wine, I am as sober as a judge!
        Just can’t sleep! Had Terri on my mind and sad 😦


      5. Haha! 🀣. Ok I give up πŸ˜†.

        Awww man, and I was thinking you were in a good mood! Sorry to hear that Margie 😦 πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ glad to have given you some good jokes though! 😁

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      6. Hahaha! Ah ok! These would’ve been nice comments to have. Damn wordpress, it must’ve messed up somehow!


      7. 😧😧😧 yeah i definitely didn’t see any notifications in wordpress for them when I logged in, either. And I don’t have email notifications for them.

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    1. Standby!? What a disgrace, they’re an awesome food lol 🀣.

      Lentils everywhere are offended!

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