Trying Not To React!

Is a hard thing to do,
But non-reactivity,
Comes with equally-rich rewards!

How then does one do,

When you experience a sensation,
Which usually displeasures you,
Or maybe a sensation,
Which actually stresses you,

There’s sometimes the minutest fraction of a second,
Before the reaction,
Into which you can inject a pauseβ€”

Centre your stomach and gut, your breathing,
Visualise the feeling of relaxation and letting go,
And forgive both the cause of the sensation,
And yourself for thinking of reacting!

Sometimes that’s not possible,
And you do start reacting…

But the trick is the sameβ€”
Just insert the pause,
As soon as physically possible;

It’s perhaps even harder to let go,
Once you’ve already begun reacting,
Especially when you know…that the internal trigger,
Was morphologically unavoidableβ€”

Your poor little amygdala,
Is already going haywire,
By the time you’ve had a chance,
To put out the fire;

Misophonia makes you want to punch people in the face,
For triggering such a sensation!
There, I’ve said it,
And this is the problem!

But, nevertheless,
I’ve now let the fear go,

β€”I’m not reacting,
I’m really not! πŸ˜…


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