Readiness In The Community

Think about being ready,
To donate food to charities,

This is a problem of feeding everyone,
Not just ourselves and our families;

We need to problem-solve together,
Even whilst some will work against us,

The government may step in, sooner or later,
They’ll be one or two weeks behind,
They’ve genuinely got a lot on their plate;

I think full-on rationing will be necessary,

Now’s the time to keep an eye out,
For those who may be in need,
Ask them how they are doing,
And how you can help out.

Ways To Help Out In Your Community


8 thoughts on “Readiness In The Community

  1. Robin, it’s such a difficult time for everyone . Thank you for sharing this.
    I share your sentiments on reaching out to those that need help .
    It might just be a phone call as we can’t visit at this time.
    The elderly feel very alone during these trying days.
    Things will get worse before they get better.
    Be safe. Robin .

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    1. Thanks a lot, Margie!

      Yes, they are worrying times for sure. Best we can do is remain as calm as possible, and focus on helping people and the basics, and have faith that we’ll come through it.

      I will keep writing, for sure! And want to explore more creative writing.


  2. Lots of lovely thoughts, Robin. Yes, we must all help one another. I am phoning my lovely elderly friend every day. How are you doing? Are you getting everything you need and having enough social contact? πŸ˜ƒ

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    1. Great! That’s really good and important to have those phone conversations πŸ™‚.

      I’m feeling very good after a productive day today, and really good positive steps forwards. I’ve completed an application form for volunteering at a food bank, however I need to have a Hepatitis B vaccination. It was funny phoning the GP and asking the receptionist about it, hesitantly saying “I’d like a vaccination please”, and then clarifying it’s for Hepatitis B, and then her skeptical questioning about whether it’s really urgent. Haha, they were all good questions of course!

      I explained that I wanted it so I could help out at a charity now it’s under more pressure. I just have to phone back on Monday when they’ll have more appointment slots. So, I can take a rest again for now and go back to isolation :).

      It’s quite annoying to see other people out and about offsetting the benefit you personally make by isolating… :\. I keep seeing groups of young people hanging out together.

      I bought Β£50 worth of food in Morrisons on Saturday morning, and together with what I already had, I have about 3-4 weeks of food. Lots of oats and almond milk, lentils, rice, meat in the freezer :). A box with potatoes, carrots and a few other vegetables. I’ve got some fresh ones I need to use up by cooking some meals, which I can then freeze :D. I have 2 more packs of toilet paper hidden away in the car 😁, whilst my housemates have obviously run out.

      I’ve had more social contact than usual, through phone calls and whatsapp messaging, but having my 2-weekly gardening social contact now, of course. People who were previously busy, now aren’t :). If I get volunteering, that’ll really help!

      Volunteering is something that I wanted to work towards doing, and I love how this is fast-tracking me into it, which will have great longer-term benefits to all of my mental health etc! πŸ™‚

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  3. Robin, that all sounds fantastic. I am glad that you have a good supply of healthy and nourishing food and toilet paper! I am so impressed that you are stepping up to the challenge of this crisis by volunteering at a food bank. You are wonderful to do that. Also, it’s good to hear about all your social contact and I hope the gardening resumes soon. We must buy some seeds and get started but at the moment we have a bitter wind blowing despite the sunshine. Next week perhaps.


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