In OCD Paradise

And stagnation,
Can be an OCD paradise,

Never mind,
If you have cleanliness fears;

We need to work extra-hard,
To work with ourselves,
And put into practice,
The things which we know;

Keeping up routine,
Is of vital importance,
Setting yourself goals,
Creating and learning;

For those of us with misophonia,
I’ll be honest,
This peace can benefit OCD,
For the noise has reduced,

Amongst the chaos,
It’s possible to find,
Reasons to breathe in,
A sigh of relief;

For in many situations,
Despite the setbacks,
There’s often some silver-lining,
With enough imagination.


4 thoughts on “In OCD Paradise

  1. Congratulations, Robin, on finding the good in this difficult situation. Yes, I am enjoying the reduction in air traffic noise in particular, though very sorry for anyone who would like to get back to the UK, but can’t.

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    1. Thank you πŸ’™. Glad to hear you are finding noise benefits too! Reduction in air traffic noise would have a very big effect. Yes, it must be very troubling for people who can’t return to certain countries, and being separated from people they know.

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    1. Thanks a lot man! I really appreciate that :).

      I guess I would say I am! When I look back at certain experiences I surprise myself. I really appreciate your comment!

      Thank you, I feel determined to get through with my mental health intact. Same to you. They really are going to be difficult times for many peopleβ€” just with the psychological effects alone.

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