I Don’t Care

To be totally honest,
I couldn’t care less about it,

β€”PIP applications,
And appeasing Universal Credit,

It’s been two years of this shit,
And I’m sick of it,

I’ve been on Universal Credit,
In three different places,
I’ve done a PIP application,
In two different places,

I’ve had the police phoned on me several times,
By estranged family members,

It’s all so much bullshit,
To deal with, alone;

To be totally fucking honest?
All I give a shit about is writing,
And singing,
And I could damn well do with a break,
I’m fighting OCD, on top of it;

All of this time,
I’m just fighting for my sanity,
To do basic tasks,
And then maybe writing,
And then maybe music,
Which are incredibly therapeutic;

I’m fighting for basic things,
And these are achievable,
But those other things, which I’m no longer motivated to do,
β€”Are just stressing me out, now,
And setting me back further.



6 thoughts on “I Don’t Care

    1. Thank you, Ember! I had a bad day for OCD today, but I got a lot of cleaning done (not related!). I’ll be resting in bed soon, though and will have much more opportunity for tomorrow :). Many things to be thankful for. πŸ’™

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    1. Thanks Ember! Simultaneously it’s kind of been taken out of my hands, anyway, since nothing is functioning as normal. So, all positive πŸ™‚ and that change has really been benefiting me! I really feel good at the moment.

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