Magnificent Insulation

Apparently you can spot an autistic person,
By looking for people wearing headphones,
A lot,

Which is kind of satisfying,
As a way to sign-post these people,
Who can relate to your sensitivity issues,
A lot,

And it helps you to belong,
To something greater than yourself and the stresses,
And it can make you feel a little vindicated,
For all of those historical conflicts…

Stop slamming cupboard doors!

Stop shouting!
Stop slamming the front door!

Stop throwing pans around the kitchen!
β€”Well that’s what it sounds like!

Stop trying to scrape every last bit of food out,
You’re just smashing the spoon against the bowl

It’s so painful!

Stop screaming and laughing so loud!
I’m trying to concentrate,
And this is all I haveβ€”

By knee problems,
And trapped in the vicinity of,
All of this sound!!

I’m going to kill myself!
I have nothing to live for now,



Can I please reclaim the expenses,
For all of these hidden costs?

And like a conductor of an inferno,
I part my hands,
And damned it all to hell,

And the fresh ear plugs go in,
The headphones go on,
We have ignition of noise-cancellation,
As we complete second-stage separation,
Leaving the Earth behind, with Mars in our sights,
And press play on all the good thingsβ€”

Photo by Bill Jelen on Unsplash


5 thoughts on “Magnificent Insulation

  1. Great writing, Robin. It sounds like your ears have cleared but you are getting little joy from it. I hope your flatmates improve their behaviour soon, both with regard to noise and being responsible about the corona virus.


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