With Peace Came Ideas

Wow ok, I found this in my drafts from a few weeks ago. And everything in it has been backed up again by subsequent events.

I’ve been mourning,
Writing more interesting poems,

β€”For I did reach a point,
Of exploring my deeper, more creative ideas;

But the stress as the noise returned,
Pushed those ideas back out of my head,

And I’ve had to write,
More therapeutically again,
To get those nasty ideas out of my head;

β€”The ambiguous, useless short-term ones,
Which mean nothing at all,
β€”Thoughts of focusing on salivary glands,
Or breathing, or bodily muscles;

I resent that,
And it’s a waste of life,
But why am I writing this now?

Because I’ve been using ear drops on my blocked ears,
β€”And my Misophonia complaints,
Have been despite very blocked ears,
As well as a permanent hearing deficiency,

And the drops have,
For now,
Completely blocked my ears,
And granted me a blessed fucking peace;

No sounds of cars,
Even without wearing headphones,
Barely a floorboard creak,
Without even playing music;

Of course, conversations are difficult,
But I can lip-read,
And I’ve honestly been debating…
The pros of this trade-off;

My ears have been blocked for months,
But I have little reason to want to fix them!
I’m actually nervous,
About how it will feel,

Yet once they are cleared,
I can wear ear-plugs again,
β€”This is my motivation,
(As well as the cause of the problem).


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