Insolently, Obstinately, Happily

Oh, here’s a good idea!
This will help energise me!

I should have done this earlier,
I could have done this earlier…

Dread, fuck’s sake;

You’d punish yourself,
And ruminate about lost minutes for brushing your teeth,
As humanity crumbles to ruins around you 🀣;

Yes I would;

Only way is up,
Powering on insolently and obstinately as fuck.


2 thoughts on “Insolently, Obstinately, Happily

    1. Thanks! Yes, agree. It’s not so much a free choice for people struggling with OCD/rumination, if anything desire only makes it harder to accomplish. At least for me. I was trying to reason with the insane obsessiveness in this, as much as with myself. But yeah, characterising it and mocking the combination of the OCD and myself helps :D.

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