I’m sorry if the quality of my poems has gone down,
I used to care about such things,

But now I’m literally just pissing myself,
As I write half of them.

Need to stop drinking coffee. No I don’t.


5 thoughts on “Piss-Poor

  1. Hi Robin, I notice that you talk quite a lot about drinking coffee. I’m a big coffee fan too, but last summer, after years of resistance to the idea, I started drinking decaffeinated coffee. Result: my anxiety levels went right down to almost zero. On the downside, I have slightly less energy, but I still think the trade off was worth it. I still drink the real thing when I am out in town, and I enjoy it all the more for being rare. But on the days I do that, I notice my mind racing when I am going to sleep. Anyway, I just thought I would let you know how it is for me. It might make no difference to you, though caffeine is definitely a bladder irritant! πŸ˜ƒ

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    1. Hey Ember, didn’t realise I mentioned it a lot! Haha. Well, I used to be really sensitive to caffeine, but since taking Sertraline I’m not. Sertraline without caffeine is just too much lethargy. But I’ve always found that coffee makes me feel more relaxed. Not being able to concentrate in itself makes me anxious too, and my default state is not being able to concentrate very well without something to stimulate my bodyβ€” exercise or coffee or medication. ADHD stimulant medication made me especially more relaxed/less agitated. It even stopped the eczema itching and made me able to tolerate warm environments like everybody else. Weird.

      I did actually go off caffeine for most of last yearβ€” I firstly tried decaffeinated coffee, but even that kept me awake! It has about 1/10 the normal amount of caffeine. I was also taking ADHD medication, and those two together were nightmarish, which was another reason. Coffee actually has really good digestive benefits for me, too. My mind doesn’t race anymore, it’s more that my brain is trained into certain habits and I need to untrain it. They keep going with or without coffee or stimulant medication :\. A lot of anxiety comes just from noise in the environment or itching.

      Thanks for your thoughts! πŸ’™

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    2. To be honest I also just wanted a funny punchline haha. I’m keeping everything in moderation :).

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  2. Thanks for all the information, Robin and good to know about the poetic licence. It sounds like your body is fine with the caffeine and you get some benefits from it. I’m glad that you’re also getting benefits from the ADHD medication. I am having a super lazy day. I cleaned the lounge this morning so that’s good, but this afternoon I have been catching up with WordPress after four days of very intermittent broadband until a BT engineer fixed the problem at the junction box. It’s been great to catch up properly with everyone but I’m going to go for a walk now and then cook supper. Nothing elaborate. Freezer supper: fish and chips with baked beans. Gourmet! πŸ˜ƒ

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