Regaining Some Control

It just hit me, this evening,
That my ears are clear,

So therefore, I can,
Use earplugs again!

They work better this way,
β€”The sound-proofing,
Is amazingly severe!

My level of hearing, the last few days,
Has been terrible to bear,
Like I don’t even remember,

I’d actually started resorting,
To voluntary self-isolating,

But putting the earplugs in,
Brought such a relief! πŸ’™


6 thoughts on “Regaining Some Control

    1. Thanks! πŸ™‚πŸ’™ it really is! It’s really helping and given me renewed hope. I got up super late yesterday so I could stay awake through the night, so I can sleep early tonight :). Will give early mornings another go!

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