Not Quite Extrovert Enough?

I feel like I’d be a good actor,
I’ve always loved the idea of it,

I’ve always done it, and I’m always doing it,
β€”But only by myself;

At school I took all the opportunities,
For drama, and acting,
Or any kind of performing,

Because I liked the idea of it,
Yet was just never confident enough,
In practice;

Always quiet and shy,
Always quiet and shy,
Hardly speaking,
Except to one or two friends,

In practice it terrified me,
I didn’t want to do it!
Yet, when given the choice,
I always went for the experience;

Those times when I have gained confidence,
My natural extroversion came out,
I love to talk,
And I love to express;

Since the age of 22,
I’ve had no problems socially,
If anything, I’m the oppositeβ€”
Complimented for my confidence,

Which is great,
Because it allows me to be myself,

And this one time,
Somebody once said to meβ€”
You’re such a good actor,
β€”After making a scene;

I’d been having a laugh,
And truly felt free,
I mean, I can even,
Cry on-demand!

I seem to have no problem,
With emotional recallβ€”
I can relive emotion,
Intensely, spontaneouslyβ€”

I just put myself there,
In my vivid imagination,
It feels so real,
And it’s so much fun!


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