Maths Teacher

My maths teacher,
(Who for some reason,
Hated me πŸ€”),

Once tried to make fun of me…

Smirking, with ice in her eyes,
She saidβ€”

“Ye joost yoosed a dubble neg-ah-ive!” 😏,

Trying to use logic against me,

“I know,
β€”I meant to…”;

The great irony of it wasβ€”
I was not only the best-in-class at maths,
(Apart from those doing further maths…),
But I was superior in English,
Too πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡.

The sentence I’d said,
Was something likeβ€”
“I didn’t not do it”,
In response to a blithe comment,
That I hadn’t done my homework

β€”I hadn’t done it properly,
But I hadn’t not done it!


9 thoughts on “Maths Teacher

  1. Your maths teacher sounds deeply unpleasant and she completely failed to get what you were saying. Clearly, you have an excellent ear for language and it is easy to believe that you were excellent at English as well as at Maths. I hope you had some teachers who were not like your maths teacher! To this day, I thank many of my wonderful teachers, as well as remembering the ones who went out of their way to make my life difficult- rare, but it happens! I guess your maths teacher was one of those who delighted in humiliating pupils. Horrible.

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    1. I wasn’t actually good in English lessons at schoolβ€” just average. School rarely overlapped with my interests, so that doing ‘well’ was just a matter of coincidence or naturally finding some things easier than others. I never saw the point of English lessons. French and Germanβ€” which I enjoyedβ€” yes, but English!? And they were always so boring, on top of the slowness which ALL subjects had. When I look back, the only reason I put up with school for so long was not knowing any different. I really hate how schools work and I feel for all pupils having to go through such a rigid and boring system.

      She really was! From the first time I met her she was like that towards me, but no one else. She was my maths teacher for 5 years, unfortunately! I had a humanities teacher who was also the same way towards me (also for 5 years). Funnily that teacher also had the same problem with one of my younger brothers.

      I had one teacher at primary school, who didn’t like me and once accused me of lying, a professor at university who was the same, a wheelchair basketball instructor in 2018 and 2 months ago the person who runs an autism charity/support group fell out with me in exactly the same way. Within minutes of meeting her I had the same feeling coming from her, abrasiveness for no reasonβ€” and my first few interactions with her were through voluntarily helping her out! She got incredibly spiteful by the end. That was disappointing because I was really enjoying her autism course, I had no problems were her at all, in fact she often made me laugh!

      Her last email to me had this sentence:
      “It strikes that several older women who tried to be of assistance to you fell short of your expectations/wishes, and as a result you were left feeling angry with them/us. It might be useful for you to reflect on this repeated pattern.”
      She was so completely wrong with that and always making so many assumptions about what I was thinking. The vast majority of people I interact with and am friends with are older women πŸ˜†, coincidentally and even more ironically.

      It’s always instantaneous and always for no apparent reason, and it’s always singling me outβ€” not just like that towards everybody. Apparently this is not too uncommon with autistic peopleβ€” teachers who like things predictable perhaps pick up on the nonconformity, who knows. It was so ironic with the autism ladyβ€” she embodied so many of the rigid thinking patterns and habits she warned us about through her course!

      Gosh I’ve written a lotβ€” touchy subject!!

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      1. Hi Ember, no worries, no need to reply to it all! Thank you so much for reading, honestly! πŸ’™. Thank you, I am, hope you are too! πŸ€—

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  2. We have had 4 teachers in my family, my mom, myself and two of my sisters.
    I think we have always been good teachers and always did the very best for our students!
    I know there are a lot of bad teachers our there and it pains me when I hear a story like yours.
    I am sorry Robin that you had to experience this terrible teacher! 😦

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    1. Wow, so many teachersβ€” and you were one too! I can easily imagine that you would’ve been a great teacher! So thanks for being a great teacher πŸ˜„πŸ€—.

      Yes, in any area of life there’s always people across the full range of competence/empathy, but it IS even more disappointing when people show arrogance or lack of empathy in precisely the jobs that require the opposite!

      I wrote a long reply to Emberbearβ€” please read that if you have the stamina πŸ˜†. Thanks Margie! Golly Gee! πŸ’™

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  3. Thanks, Robin, yes, I am. I did some yoga this morning despite not really feeling like it, but it was a great way to start the day. So I won’t write a lot but I just want to say that I think you have been picked on at various points in your life by some deeply unpleasant people. Those who work in the caring professions, including teachers, should never pick on anyone, especially the vulnerable. In the latest example, the woman who ran the course in autism, I am shocked by her comment. It is clearly absolute rubbish and it sounds to me as if she wanted to undermine you. I hope she hasn’t succeeded.

    We are going for a walk soon and then we might watch a film as we have all completed our objectives for the day. I’m glad to hear that you are having a good day too. πŸ˜ƒ

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