The Tent

This time last year,
I was sleeping in my tent,

I was the neighbourhood ‘weird guy’,
Complete with midnight meltdowns;

(One ridiculous night,
I found myself by a quiet road at 3am,
Completely engrossed in OCD routines,
β€”I’ll tell that story another time);

If I told you all of the stories from last year,
It would actually be unbelievable,
So many are known only to me,
But I intend to write them eventually;

Putting up my one-man tent,
Usually took me around thirty minutes,
For even though I could physically do it in five,
OCD was dissociating me,
Making me physically clumsy,
And mentally stuck, stuck stuck;

It’s funny, now,
When I go outside on these February nights,
To think I was braving those Scottish winds,
And the rain,
Putting up my little tent,
And sleeping so cosily inside!

Inside my tent


7 thoughts on “The Tent

    1. You are? πŸ˜„. For some reason I didn’t want to write about them before, like it would be too gratuitous or looking backwards too much, too many depressing things, complaining too much. I guess I have the urge to now because I’m able to view them more positively, from a more positive frame of mind, and I’m not just writing gloomy things now. It’s not that I need to tell these remaining stories now out of therapyβ€” they’re more just curiosities.

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    2. But that’s really interesting to know that you would positively look forward to them! Then again, I know you’re a lover of the dark πŸ–€πŸ€£.

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