I Can’t Be Bothered

I can’t be bothered,
With second-guessing everything,

I can’t be bothered,
With endlessly self-judging,

I can’t be bothered,
With ruminating,
About what time I went to sleep,
And what could have been,

It’s always true,
That if I just continue,
I get a lot done,
And it’ll all be fine;

It takes a lot of energy,
So just f**k off! πŸ–•πŸ˜πŸ–•

From all nations…
Across the Earthβ€”


32 thoughts on “I Can’t Be Bothered

      1. (That was literally how I used to pronounce ‘fuck’ before I moved south and got re-educated lol).

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      2. 🀣. Just to warn youβ€” not everyone here is like me unfortunately.

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      3. Cool, yes do! I also would like to explore much more of it! I’ve only seen much of France so far! Just small bits of several other countries. I’ve skied and snowboarded in the Alps, and seen some incredible mountain-top views, so I’m done really!

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      4. Haha, not really πŸ˜„, but I mean I’m grateful for the bits of Europe that I have seen! I’m most interested in seeing the natural landscapes of those places, and smaller towns and villages πŸ™‚. I also really want to drive around Iceland!

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      5. I also plan to get my own campervan, would love to do road trips with a friend in one!

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