Oh You’re Gunna Die Tonight πŸ–€

I came out in the early morning,
Early rising,
Before Saturday had dawned,

Beginning afresh,
Forgetting the noise,
Forgetting the frustrations of the night before.

I had scarcely begun making my tea,
When I heard the wildest screaming and banging,
From two floors above,

And my blood ran cold,
My bones suddenly felt old,
And ready to explode;

I stood still, and listened…

There was something about the noise,
Which felt out of place;

As I stood there,
It finally stopped,
I checked the time againβ€”
That was almost five minutes…
Of constant noise;

Maybe camomile tea, will help,
Maybe press-ups will help,
I’ll take those Valerian tablets,
Maybe, maybe…

And as soon as I touched the kettle,
To reboil…
Screaming, and banging,

The screaming was even more wild,
Than before,
Even more wild…
Than the night before,

β€”I just had to go and find out,
What was its cause?

For some reason, I decided to take with me,
β€”One of those broom handles,
Just in case;

With each little movement I made,
The screaming seemed to intensify,
β€”This is unbelievable,
I’m really going to let them know…

I walked up the stairs, turning the lights on,
Holding my stick,
I reached the first landing,

β€”It’s definitely coming from the top floor,
The room of my housemate,
Who’d been at it screaming, the night before;

The third, short flight of steps,
With its habitual creak,
Really set the bastards off,

And I paused, going out of my mind,
Noticed the blood, pouring under the door…


18 thoughts on “Oh You’re Gunna Die Tonight πŸ–€

      1. Thanks! Yes, you’re right. I didn’t mean it literally at all…😁.


    1. Haha, thank you Francine! I’ve always liked the idea of writing a story about an apocalyptic scenario 😁.


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