Salvation From Salivation

Who knew,
That salivating could be so captivating?

I put a lot of concentration,
Into stopping muscular-tensing,
But it’s often said,
That OCD’s very creative;

And over-salivation requires less concentration,
Than abdominal-tensing,
β€”For it happens automatically!

I can’t even salivate on-demand,
Usually (obviously),
But such is OCD’s powerβ€”
You need only think the word,
β€”When you don’t want to,
That is;

Come on, man,
I’m trying to have conversations here,
I need to show that I’m paying attention,
At Green Health,

But instead I’m trying to contain my salivating,
Constantly trying to clear my mouth,
So to speak!

When really,
β€”I’d rather be gardening,
You goddamned freak 🀣.


2 thoughts on “Salvation From Salivation

    1. Thank you! People who relate to this kind of thing are few and far between! Yes, I certainly feel the pain of what I’m missing out on, too. Have you experienced Somatic OCD in particular? If you don’t mind me asking.


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