Cutest Dog In The World

How can you say that?
β€”It’s not rational,

I know that…

But I know it,
You know it,
She knows it…
Goodness knows it!

Cutest cute-attack in the world


18 thoughts on “Cutest Dog In The World

      1. Hahaha! Is that how to tell when you’re writing drunk then? You must be drinking a lot πŸ˜‚


    1. Haha, thank you!! 😁. I DO try to be measured in my judgements of ‘cutest’, but sometimes I just cannot resist! Lol. It’s always impossible to believe that one dog can be so cute! It’s just a shame I only saw her so briefly in her puppyhood!

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      1. I hope you get to see Misty again one day. I understand that is not such a simple thing to achieve, but clearly you have a strong bond with her. When my sister and I were growing up we regarded our family dog as our best friend. I know how important dogs can be. They are incredibly empathic as well as great fun.

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      2. Thank you! I definitely will, just a matter of when, and yes I hope it’s not too long! I saw her for a couple of hours last July, when I was staying with a childhood friend near my home town. Toby brought her out for a walk :).

        Yes you’re right, they ARE incredibly empathetic. I find it crazy how they can more empathetic than a lot of humans…😨. But I guess empathy varies in dogs too, as well as humans. It’s just that we’ve bred them for more-than-normal empathy :). I’m sure Misty’s an especially empathetic dog! πŸ˜„

        I DO have a strong bond with Misty 😁. You should have seen her reactions whenever I’d go home to visit, lol. She’d be actually shrieking with excitement, haha.

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  1. Oh, that’s lovely. I hope it’s not too long until your next visit to see Misty and your brother. Dogs are the best welcomes. If people were more like dogs, the world would be an amazing place.

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    1. Thank you πŸ’™. Yes, I’d definitely like to see my brother again too.

      They are! I have a friend here actually (my aunt’s neighbour), who I need to visit again. They have a dog who’s even needier than Misty! And she loves me too, lol. She always goes crazy when I go round their house. I used to go round a lot when feeling bad, as (the old neighbour) runs a charity (she’s still helping me out with a couple of things), and they’re very empathetic. I haven’t visited for a while as I’ve been doing better and they gave me so much time before. But I should visit again now. πŸ™‚.

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      1. That sounds like a great idea, Robin. I am sure your old friend would like to see you again and her dog sounds so lovely. I also have a good friend who is a lovely old lady, and I always enjoy my visits to her. For years she had lovely Labradors, but she feels too old to take on another dog now, but I love her stories about her days as a scientist and travelling the world.

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      2. Scientist, wow πŸ˜„. One of my friends is a scientist in London, and he’s also traveling the world all the damned timeβ€” too busy to hang out, these days! Haven’t seem him once since moving within 40 miles last August.

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  2. You’re probably like me. Half the friends I made at university are scattered around the world, so we mostly keep in touch with Christmas cards and occasional emails. My traveling days are mostly over apart from holidays in the UK. That’s okay with me. I have been to nearly every country in Europe, Canada and Australia twice to visit my family there and go walking in the Blue Mountains and Tasmania. I know you have been climbing in the States and Scotland, both stupendous locations. Have you been anywhere else, Robin?

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    1. Exactly like me! Haha. Well, most of them moved to London, one to Wales, and one is in Hong Kong 😁. Ironically, I’m currently the closest I’ve been to my London friends since 2008/9 whilst still at university, but they’re unable to/unwilling to hang out, for a variety of reasons! When I moved here, I was greatly looking forward to hanging out with them more. But one has mental health probs now too, one is the scientist who’s just constantly traveling.

      If I am able to fix my routine and sleeping then I’d be in a better position to make more friends, i’d have way more time, but at the moment everything’s too variable and unreliable.

      The Blue Mountains and Tasmania must be incredible! I’ve always had a fascination for Australia for its uniqueness, then even more for Tasmania which seems even more unique. I also like the colours of those landscapes.

      I’ve never actually climbed in Scotlandβ€” I moved there totally intending to, it was top of my list, but I injured my knee 2 months after moving! I did climb Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh loads of times in that 2 monthsβ€” once I did it twice in one day! I was stupendously back then!

      I’ve climbed Mount Snowdon in Walesβ€” the same year as I climbed in Yosemite. But those are the only mountains I’ve ever climbedβ€” three in total! But honestly, what I experienced on top of Half Dome could never be beaten, and I can die happy having experienced it! I have some stupendous photos :D.


    2. I’ve skied and snowboarded in the French Alps too, and in Austria. A couple of times I got up to 3,000 metres in the Alps! I was in my element on the snow!

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      1. You’ve had some amazing adventures, Robin. I wish you’d had more time before your knee went phut to do more but I think it’s great that you feel you have had the experience of a lifetime already. I know exactly what you mean. I have climbed Snowdon too and about ten Munroes in the Cairngorms, often in the winter when they were covered in snow. I am so impressed that you climbed up Arthur’s hill so many times and particularly twice in one day. I have only been up it once and found it really hard going, but well worth it for the view.

        I am sorry that some of your friends don’t want to see you any more. There is still a ridiculous amount of prejudice and ignorance surrounding mental health issues. I hope you find that your life and routine settle down for you this year and you make some new ones. I hope you are having a good day, Robin. I am having a very lazy morning, reading a brilliant book about twentieth century Greek history, and chilling with my daughter, but soon I will tackle the housework and go for a short walk. How about you?


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