Appreciation #8

I’m awake,
And out of bed,
“Yo dude,
Get up and get outta bed”,
As my Bart Simpson alarm clock,
Used to say,

(And It doesn’t matter,
How pleasant you think it will sound,
How joyously you think you will rouse,
β€”It will quickly become,
Hell’s own death knell);

I’m living in a house,
With a nice big kitchen,
Not living in my car,
My screams sounding from afar,
And the aggravating sounds of passing traffic,
Been replaced by the aggravating sounds,
Of creaking floorboards,
β€”That’s one way of putting it;

Yes, it limits me,
But not as much as living in my car,
Yes, it torments me,
But not as much as doing blinking and thinking rituals,
For most of the day,
Whilst being soo alone…,

I appreciate my strength,
Which is infinite,
You’ll see,
You ba**ards.

I know,
I’m swearing a lot lately,
And the asterisks are becoming fewer,
I’m doing it less and less subtlely,
But, that’s fine,
I’ve needed to, lately.


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