The Ceramic Crockery Scandal

I’ve always wonderedβ€”

Why do we use bowls, plates and mugs,
So breakable,
And wasteful?

I can’t begin to tell you,
How many of these I’ve broken,
Either by accident,
Or frustration,

Why not, at the least,
Just use plastic ones?

I dropped my mug, last night,
And it hit the desk leg,
β€”Well, that’s that then,
Time to get a new one,
He said;

I don’t actually remember,
Having to buy plates or bowls,
β€”Always rented furnished places,
Which came with their own,

And I felt deeply uncomfortable,
As I stood there in the shopβ€”

Which of these various mugs,
Should I choose?
Does it even matter?
When they’re only going to be broken?

About a month ago,
I researched this same problem,
β€”Surely, there’s some stronger material,
That does the job just as well?
(And isn’t plastic),

And I googled,
‘Bamboo tableware’,
And lo and behold,
This is indeed a thing!

Now standing there,
In Morrisons,
Having surveyed what was in front of me,
I turned around, in desperation,
Just in case, on that shelf behind meβ€”

Oh my god,
Some bamboo mugs!
Very-cheaply priced,

Cheaper than the ceramic mugs,
But being advertised,
As replacing coffee cups!

β€”No, thank you,
You’ll replace all my cups,

Ceramic crock of sh**e,

I’ll save my eardrums,
My sanity,
And my money 😁.

F**k you capitalism!


13 thoughts on “The Ceramic Crockery Scandal

    1. Hahaha! Morrisons isn’t going to be that useful for you over there 🀣. I find the name Morrisons funny, because it reminds me of going shopping when I was youngerβ€” originally we always went to Morrisons, and it was the only big supermarket at home at the time. It’s not as mainstream as the others lol.

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    2. I’m going to have to buy a drinking glove though, as these cups have rubber sleeves for insulation rather than handles, but I have no chance of keeping track of the sleeves.

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    1. Thank you! 😁.

      The ones I bought were dishwasher safe, but the main downside for most people might be that you can’t microwave them.

      My solution is now to drink drinks whilst they’re warm πŸ˜†, and for reheating food to heat it in another container first.

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    2. I don’t have any bamboo plates or bowls yetβ€” I couldn’t find any cheap sources of them, and choices for any of these things are very limited. But I’m sure those things are common in Japan/China so presumably with more research I’ll be able to find some.

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