I was focussed,
I was happy,
I was doing things,

Then the sounds wore me down again,
And led directly to writing and reading OCD,

I’m extremely resentful about that,
It’s messed up my mental state,

Now I have to tear myself away from OCD,

And it’s only going to get worse,
When the weather gets warmer,
And I have to keep the window open,

I can’t read,
I can’t meditate,
I can’t relax,
I can’t write poems properly,

I was even going to start a podcast,
But ohh noo!!
I can’t do that!
Not with constantly-creaking floorboards!!

I want to smash this mug against the wall,

Slow-motion car crash,
And I can’t do anything,
Just like before,

I’m scared.


9 thoughts on “Scared

      1. It was! But then I lost my phone in the space of a few moments and had to pause… :\. So far I’ve spent 15 minutes looking for it. 😐

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      2. Also I’ve written a text message to the letting agency about the floorboards, mentioning that it’s disrupting my sleep and everything.

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