How Easily I Lose Things

I’m endlessly surprised,
At my ability to lose something,

Within the space of 10 seconds;

I’m great at not losing things over time,
β€”I’m highly organised,
Everything has its place,
And it’s easy to locate everything;

But when things are en-route,
Between such places,
β€”There’s the loophole,
They can go missing!

I just had my phone,
With me in the car,
Went to the toilet,
Now everything’s on-pause;

This happened a lot, last year,
Whilst living in the car,
One second was holding something,
The nextβ€” it no longer existed!

In the car,
β€”A highly-constrained space,
I didn’t believe it was possible,
But it kept happening,

And it’s highly disappointing,
Because I was so busy,
And happy,

It’s just hysterical at this point,
β€”So thought I’d offer some comfort,
To anyone else out there,
With this same (insane) issue!



18 thoughts on “How Easily I Lose Things

  1. I will tell my better-half he is not alone!
    I can’t even begin to tell you how often he loses something during the course of a day.
    I think it happens to old people like him. (heck , he’s not old , just 39 and holding!)

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    1. Haha! Great, I’m glad that somebody might feel some comfort from it! Thank you Margie πŸ˜„. He’s 39? Haha, was not expecting that after you said he was old!

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    2. And oh yeah, ADHD means you have the short-term memory of somebody much older! Don’t ask what happens when I DO get older!


    1. Yeah, I get that :). For me it’s just the total ridiculousness and impossibility of losing something within such a short space of time and space, and how much time gets lost over it.

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    2. As well as when it makes you miss things, or be late for things. It’s had terrible knock-on consequences for me at times!

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      1. Oh, nice! Awesome to have inspired one of your poems! I’m not aware of having inspired any so far, anywhere πŸ˜„.

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