Effortless Reading

My most successful technique,
For overcoming reading OCD,

Is to get my mind into a state,
Of performing ‘effortless reading’;

‘Effortless reading’,
Is what I would do,
Whenever the plot thickened,
And some storyline crescendoed,

β€”So desperate,
To know what was about to happen,
My eyes would run ahead,
Faster than my mind could keep up;

β€”Or so it would seem,
But, in fact,
I was reading at my absolute maximum speed;

That kind of reading can be exhilarating,
β€”You can take in information,
And process it,
At a ridiculous rate;

And so I do find,
If I simply run my eyes over the words,
(And I’m already in a state,
Where I have some ability to resist OCD),
I can, in fact,
Understand it all;

This ‘accidental’, ‘effortless’ reading,
Feels like the same mechanism,
By which I notice everything moving,
Effortlessly and inevitably,
And in high-definition,

β€”I’ve just got to make the words go by fast!
I won’t help but absorb them;

I can harness this skill,
To fight reading OCD,
And it’s a very high intensity,
But I’ve just got to take very regular breaks!


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