A Funny Addendum In My Mad Life

With spirit marginally restored,
I resumed the hunt for the lost phone,

Yet all I could do,
Was check the same four places again,

Trouser pocketsβ€”

Then I thoughtβ€”
A torch would be useful,
β€”But that was one of the functions,
Of the lost phone :(,

Then I thoughtβ€”
The sensible thing, now,
Would be to wait until daylight,
But I’m not sensible,

A forthright person once said:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”;

Which is always on my mind,
Each time this happens,
β€”I always ignore it,

And I went out again,
To check the car again,

β€”I’d already looked in all the dark places,
In the shadows,
The floor of the car,
β€”Just in case, you know?

Just in case I’d dropped it…
And I looked in the gap,
Between the car and the curbβ€”

And there it was,
The miserable f***er,
Standing on its edge 😨,

And I let out an exasperated,
But humorous, high-pitched sigh:

(Whilst in the corner of my eye,
I sawβ€”
Of course!),

Police getting out of their car,
Walking up to me,
β€”Looking back at the open front door,
And me my holding up my phone, hysterical,

I thoughtβ€”
Oh no,
It’s the crazy peoples’ police :\,

“Hi, are you coming to my house? o_O”,

“Do you live here?”,

“At number 13, yes”,

β€”But they just wanted to talk to my housemate,

Thank god for that!
I could get used to that!

(Get used to them wanting to talk to somebody besides me!).


4 thoughts on “A Funny Addendum In My Mad Life

    1. Thanks Margie! Yes, it’s something about the way they simultaneously get out of opposite sides of the car, all puffed outwards because of their equipment, and their look of serious skepticism on their face. Lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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