Stuck Body, Stuck Mind

So much of my stuck thinking,
And lost time,

Comes down to, simply,
Not being able to get a fresh perspective,

β€”Which I used to achieve,
By going somewhere else,
β€”By walking, cycling,
Or riding the scooter;

I’ve become so used,
To having none of those,
That I’ve even forgotten that fact;

Then it hit me like a train of bricks,
As I remembered the tragic truth of it.

I’ll begin breaking the cycle, tomorrow,
As I begin the new project,
β€”Of learning electronics,
And fixing the scooter


3 thoughts on “Stuck Body, Stuck Mind

    1. It’s just been a matter of getting through the urgent things in my todo list, so I can tackle fixing the scooter, which is a complex thing with a lot of steps.

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    2. Actually just realised I should maybe mention that I have knee problems which stop me doing the walking, cycling and a million normally effortless things which would solve my problem!

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