Borderline Eczema

Ye bast**d,
You’ve come back,

I didn’t invite you back,
To the backs of my knees,

Ye total bast**d,

But don’t worry,
I’m not gunna break my back,
β€”I’ve no fingernails,
And an iron discipline,

So fuck ye,
Fuck ye hard,
YES! πŸ˜‰.

Now that I’ve written it, I’ve realised the ending of this sounds aggressive. But it wasn’t meant in that wayβ€” it was meant in the spirit of the ending of this poem:πŸ˜†/
So more of a cheeky, surprising/mind-wandering way!


11 thoughts on “Borderline Eczema

    1. Thank you! πŸ™‚. Sorry that you get it too! It’s really no joke. I’ve had it much worse on previous yearsβ€” I was surprised to get this far before getting it.

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      1. Yeah actually my eczema’s never really left, it’s just been so mild lately for a few months! I don’t usually call it ‘my eczema’, but ‘the eczema on my legs’!

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      2. I get it on my hands and back but the one on my back went away after I stopped eating dairy but there’s this one annoying spot on my hand that just won’t leave.

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      3. On your back!? No way, that must be horrible! :\.

        I’ve had that on my hand sometimes, too. Is your skin reacting to something you’re in contact with regularly?

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      4. Yep, the same! Actually I probably get less irritation in winter now, as in summer I always wear shorts which just irritates them more… :\. I need 3/4 lengths I think…


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