Favourites Amongst Devils

Needs to get going,

Needs things to be perfect,
Before moving on,


ADHD says:
“Come on! I want to do something,
I’m bored!”,

OCD says:
“Yeah, you’re right…
β€”What the f**k,
How is that the time?”,

ADHD says,
“Shit, you’re right,
Let’s goooo“,

OCD says:
What have I actually been doing?”;

To go,
Means to appease ADHD,
But frustrate OCD,

To ruminate,
Means to appease OCD,
For a few seconds,
But terrorise ADHD;

Got to chooseβ€”
Which is my favourite child?

And the winner is…
You know the answer!

The cheeky bugger πŸ˜‰.


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