Morning Sickness

I need to produce a masterpiece,
To ‘make up’ for all of the struggles,
And lost times :P,

No not really,
But I need to write something nice, now;

β€”I woke up from extended nightmares,
About undiscovered parking tickets,
And criticism from my dad,

Having to ask for money,
And defend myself again,

Whilst protecting myself,
From worsening rumination;

I screamed, repeatedly,
β€”Whilst picking up envelopes in the hallway,
Which my housemates heard,
And judged,

β€”In frustration at my dad,
For his misunderstanding,
Lack of empathy,
And taunting,

Whilst already hurting;

Now I’m listening to ‘Peaceful Piano’,
Through my headphones,
Which blocks out the noise of creaking floorboards,
And crushing of baby’s skulls;

It doesn’t, really,
Not unless I turn the volume right up;

And it doesn’t matter, what time I get up,
β€”My nerves are jangled, by this incessant noise!

But never mind,
β€”For although the nightmares,
Got me overthinking,
And ruminating,
And ritualising,

I’ve remembered the golden rule:
Nothing worth repeating,
Is ever worth it,

And simply the more I believe and practice that,
The easier,
It will get!

It’s a wonderful feeling to be free!


7 thoughts on “Morning Sickness

    1. Thanks so much! I’m usually hesitant to investigate these things because of money issues, and because I’ve had so many suggestions over time, that if I was going to spare extra money on any of them, it’s impossible to have any perspective on which to start researching.

      But I just looked into this and it looks very promising! I can get some nearby from an Asdaβ€” I’m going to get some as soon as it’s open! πŸ˜€ thank you. If it helps I’ll probably get some in root form like you.

      I’ll let you know how it goes πŸ’™.


    2. You’ve opened my mind though and since I’ve freed up a lot of time for myself, I’m definitely going to learn more about natural anxiety solutions. Would be great to get off the antidepressants.


    3. I got the valerian tablets by the way! (Kalms Day). I’ve taken 2 doses today, and will take 3 more tomorrow.

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    4. I’m really feeling a lot better now! I’ve been avoiding the tics a lot today, and I’ve stayed busy and free of ruminating for most of the day, writing and interacting with people on here a lot.

      I don’t know how much is all of that and how much is perhaps the new tabletsβ€” but everything together is making me feel much better! πŸ˜„ I do feel like they must be contributing right now.

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