Misophonic Horrors And Terrors

Misophonic sounds,
β€”We all have our favourites,

Why is the ceiling creaking,
So bl***y annoying?

Because it sounds like the crunching of baby’s skulls,
Elephants trampling all over them,
Making me cringe,

It sounds like,
β€”You know when those folk trample grapes,
To make wine?
Sounds like doing that but whilst wearing boots,
And trampling spiders,
And assorted insects, packed tightly in,
But slowly, creepingly;

It sounds like something grotesque,
A sound that,
You really weren’t supposed to hear…


6 thoughts on “Misophonic Horrors And Terrors

    1. I agree! Haha, it makes no sense. Also, for me, it depends somewhat on the person doing it! I can forgive my most favourite people for it, but family members I’m not particularly close toβ€” they’re the worst! I read other people saying a similar thing on Reddit the other day. That’s only true for bodily sounds.

      My mum was the absolute worst offender for any kinds of sounds:

      β€”Slamming cupboard doors (even ones already-springed!),
      β€”Scraping every last crumb of cereal out of a bowl, ending up just banging the bowl with the spoon repeatedly…CHING CHING CHING CHING
      β€”Loud swallowing sounds,
      β€”Really annoying high-pitched sneeze,
      β€”Screaming your name up the stairs for something insignificant


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    2. There’s moreβ€” such as slamming every door known to man. The front and back doors at home sent shockwaves through the houseβ€” I could feel the vibrations in my chest and feet! Terrifying!

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      1. Ahuh, never had any sympathy from family! I used to work in a supermarket on Saturdays, for 9.5 hours, which meant getting a good night of sleep on Fridaysβ€” when everybody else in the house was staying up late, watching TV, screaming and banging. They never respected my wish for peace, so I could sleepβ€” so I never got a good night’s sleep! Just ended up getting really angry. I can hear EVERYTHING when I’m trying to sleep!

        Apart from that, I don’t have much experience of actually bringing it up with people, and standing up for myself. I’ve only known of misophonia for 1-2 months, and only in the last week or two have decided I really need to stand up for myself with it!

        Totally agree πŸ€—πŸ’™. Actually, my family always thought it was about me wanting to control themβ€” thus adding to the pile of insulting ideas about me, and reinforcing their criticism/hatred of me! πŸ˜†. And because they have extremely rigid thinking patterns, I know nothing will ever truly change their minds! But that doesn’t matter now, because I’m FREE! 😁.

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