Les Mots Γ‰tranges Et FranΓ§aises

Je vais Γ©crire,
Une poème de mots magnifique,

Plein des mots françaises,
Pas un phrase single anglaise;

J’ai voulu Γ  faire cela,
Pendant un temp longue,

Donc cette tΓ’che actuel je saisir,
Avec copieuse d’Γ©nergies;

Il est un dΓ©fi beau et fantastique,
Toutefois l’un prΓ¨s de pas pratique,

NΓ©anmoins, j’ai eu beaucoup de plaisir,
Et je te souhaite au revoir!


17 thoughts on “Les Mots Γ‰tranges Et FranΓ§aises

    1. Thanks Margie! I’ve been reading a lot of French poetry lately, and I do find I can appreciate the lines that I don’t understand, too, especially when they flow and rhyme well πŸ˜„. In English (or what I intended!):

      I will write,
      A poem of magnificent words,

      Full of French words,
      Not a single English phrase,

      I have wanted to do this,
      For a really long time,

      So I seize this present task,
      With plentiful energy,

      It’s a beautiful and fantastic challenge,
      However a near-impractical one,

      Nevertheless, I have had a lot of fun,
      And I wish you goodbye!

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    1. Thanks Mark! Actually I’m still far from it :D. It did mostly come out quickly, but I had to make a lot of changes over time afterwards! I did learn a lot though :). I’m definitely happy with it for the first one!

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      1. Oh god, I just googled Pig Latin. I had no idea about that! That sounds very tricky to speak! πŸ˜†. I’ll stick with French.

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