Appreciation #6

I have no funny or interesting preface,
For this one, today,
I don’t even know,
How I wrote the others, previously!

I appreciate my emotions,
Which I feel for myself,
And for others too,
β€”Sometimes for good,
And sometimes for bad 😈,
No not really!

But seriously,
It feels like I conjure emotional landscapes,
In my mind sometimes,
In response to music,
Whilst thinking of my hopes and dreams,
And feeling inspiration to play,
Or write;

I appreciate the musical instruments,
Which I bought for myself,
In wealthier times;

Somebody once suggested,
My Piano I could sell!
Without realising,
I’d sooner die!
Such is the strength of emotion!

I appreciate Scotland,
Which will always be there,
Waiting for my return,
At the very least, for the roadtrips,
Exploring the highlands,
And exploring the whiskies πŸ˜‰,
For I just have to go,
Back up the M6 πŸ˜„.


20 thoughts on “Appreciation #6

      1. Cool, yeah I really want to do a road trip around Ireland too, and go back to Scotland. Too many road trip plans, no plan for money yet xD. I swear I need to become a millionaireβ€” I would do so much poetry-inspiring travel and exploring lol.

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