All Told

I have done so well, this week,
I’ve done more than ever,

All whilst spending,
Some good time at Green Health;

For the first time, ever,
I really got into the gardening,
β€”I had both the time, to,
And I was able to enjoy it;

I got through loads of important,
‘Admin’ things,
I got my hair cut,
Played music and wrote poems;

All of this offsets,
The spending of Β£230 yesterday,
On parking tickets,

β€”Didn’t I predict,
It’d be Β£250,
All told? πŸ˜†

And it is all told, now,
For I have the new permit,
Active from Monday,
And weekends don’t count;

But yeah,
The weekend is now free,
To not ruminate,
And read about perchlorates (a Mars thing),
(And I’m joking!),

To write about what I want to write about,
Spend more time with music,
Which has been neglected,
Maybe, even,
Get back to reading (properly)!



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