Pale Blue Dot

Look at that tiny blue dot,
Just one pixel of blue-green,
See it!?

That’s Earth!
Can you believe it?

Just imagine,
That pale blue dot, encapsulatesβ€”
The entire history of humanity,
Everything you’ve ever known…

No it doesn’t,

Excuse me!?
Don’t question the Sagan!

I’m rather fond of the Andromeda galaxy,
Then there’s those distant quasars,
Whose distances span the breadth of the visible universe,

There’s the Whirlpool Galaxy,
β€”I’ve seen that,
Which is 20 million light-years away,

It all makes the Earth seem…
Pretty insignificant,
Doesn’t it?
Just like in your picture;

That’s not what you’re supposed to say!



6 thoughts on “Pale Blue Dot

      1. Oh, you did! Thank you! I just haven’t got around to replying to all my comments yet today, actuallyβ€” will tomorrow πŸ™‚.

        Yeah, thanks a lot for that! Although, I’m not really into the award things so far, I’ve yet to be persuaded πŸ˜†. But I definitely appreciate the recognition you’re giving. πŸ€—πŸ’™.

        I’m so tired, about to crash out!

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