I sometimes feel the stress,
From having to rely,
On this steady stream of money,
Coming from my parents;

I hate the lack of independence,
But that’s what happens, through bad health,
β€”It’s just that,
There’s always the risk,
They may cut off the flow without warning;

For they’ve done that before,
And that’s what they’re like,
β€”Always a drastic action,
With no warning at all;

I’m not shaming, though,
I am calmly forgiving,
Just need to get that out,
So that it doesn’t slow me down;

And stress is oh-so counter-productive,
In OCD/trauma recovery;

I’m nowhere near, being able to survive,
Through government benefits,
Not even with PIP;

I have an assessment, next week,
For Personal Independence Payment,

And thank god that I met my aunt’s neighbour,
And her friend, the benefits advisor;

β€”Both work for charities,
And both have been freely helping me,
β€”Without their help,
I wouldn’t stand a chance (no one would);

And even with their help,
We are in no doubt,
It’ll come to a tribunal,
To appeal the inevitable;

He’d asked me upfront,
Would I be up for that?
Hell yes, I’d replied,
And his funny reply:

“I work for an autism charity, too…
And every autistic person that I work with,
Says the same thing,
β€”They enjoy the challenge!” πŸ˜‰;

I couldn’t escape this guy,
And his autism-implicating,
For everything I said,
Just fell into his lap

“And what was it you did…
When you last worked?”,

“Oh well I did computer programming,
For a bit…”,

“Ah ha! Lol”;

So anywaysβ€”
I’ll do my best,
Keep moving forwards optimistically,
Until the tap runs dry,

β€”That’s all I can do! πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ.


16 thoughts on “Stress

    1. Thanks so much Hal! For your light-hearted message of strength πŸ˜„.

      I’m sorry, Dave…I can’t do that.

      No wait, yes, I can πŸ˜‰

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      1. Man I had to drag myself off my bed to reply and put you out your misery lol, I felt bad. Falling sleep, going to bed now!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, sorry! Hal 9000, Space Odyssey. 🀣 for some reason in my head I thought it’d be more obvious than it was. It probably wasn’t at all πŸ˜†. I just got carried away in my own mind…!

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  1. I hope life will continue to bless you with good people who are there to help you ..
    Life can present us with many challenges and so often it’s all the good and kind people that make a big difference in our lives.
    Keep going Robin, never give up.

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