Unbound By Time

I have to learn to let go of Time,
For when I’m feeling otherwise fine,
β€”That is the source,
Of so much rumination;

There’s just so much to do,
So much to read and see,
Too much to learn,
To fire my curiosity;

And time getting away from me,
Reducing my options,
Creates in me too much frustration,
Rage and animosity;

β€”This happens so easily,
With traits of ADHD,
Back and forth, back and forth,
Constantly correcting for my frailties;

But just like in the dream,
When swept up by the supernova,

I have to let go of this need for control,
And become a part of the universe.

Letting go…πŸ™‚.


3 thoughts on “Unbound By Time

    1. Thanks a lot! πŸ€—. It did work :D, and keeping it in mind again today :). Thanks a lot for the encouragement πŸ’™.

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