Supernova Beach

A weird dream, two nights ago,
β€”They’re always weird,
Or epic,
This was all three,

Also, space-based,
Another common theme;

Finding myself on a long sandy beach,
Looking out to sea,
Next to me, arrayed close family,
Watching a very strange sight indeed;

Oh no,
This cannot be real,
This is all wrong,
β€”The Sun should not be like that;

It cannot be like that,
What’s going on?

And so I was updated,
Brought up-to-speed,
β€”The Sun had been oscillating,
In stability and intensity;

Casting off some giant flares,
As we sat there so exposed,
The solar corona chopping and changing,
Highly unpredictably;

Many conflicting emotions,
All very lucid:

Nobody really knew, apparently,
What was about to happen,
β€”The people around me,
Media nor scientists;

(It’s not supposed to happen yet,
It’s only half-way through…)

Yet, we’d all collected here,
For the Grand Show,
For the unspoken assumption…
Was that it was about to blow;

…And all of those mini thought experiments,
Chillingly became true,
What if the Sun…were to…
Just as we happened to be here?

And then it began,
β€”A gathering intensity,
Stronger, more frequent fluctuations,
The corona began to fly off;

Oh, noβ€”
Suddenly I questioned,
The wisdom of sitting here,
β€”But the Earth will be engulfed, remember,
May as well enjoy the show;

And the expanding shell continued to grow,
As the first waves touched the atmosphere,

Creating an incredible light show…
And irradiating everything irreversibly;

I closed my eyes brieflyβ€”
Saw fireworks displays,
My body sleeted through with particles…
Of deadly radiation, apparently;

The expanding shell grew and grew,
The Sun’s surface took on a redder hue,
β€”We’re actually witnessing this,
This is it,

The Sun’s going supernova,
And there’s nothing we can do to stop it;

Goodbye…but god this is beautiful.

There’s actually an epilogue to this!


3 thoughts on “Supernova Beach

    1. Thanks! No I appreciate the perspective :). I definitely have thoughts like that sometimes, when it’s so easy to make the connection between a dream and a problem haha, like with this dream.

      I also have dreams of plane crashes though, and that’s just because I’ve had a macabre fascination with the Air Crash Investigation TV series, and no fear of flying lol. The space theme of this dream was totally unnecessary, and the supernova in particular was probably because I was playing a computer game with a friend back in November, at his house, where every 20 minutes the Sun blew up 🀣. And I was really fascinated by that and having some of those emotions I described here.

      I do really value the creativity of my dreams, to make really vivid worlds, and the lucidity of them sometimesβ€” separately to any personal meaning I might want to attach to them. Like once, I dreamed of being the first person to step on Mars, and the scenery was so lifelike because I’ve seen so many Mars photos. The emotions were intense and amazing! And looking around it was so surreal.

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      1. I have to admit that the strangest dream that I had lately was that I was driving through London in a fire engine with blue lights flashing and sirens blaring etc and drove to a slipway and drove the fire engine onto a boat and sailed it up the river Thames.
        I woke up in a really horrible sweat and had to change the bedclothes etc.


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