Battle Of Brain

I managed a good day, yesterday,
On the rumination front;

Not trying to storm the beach,
But simply hold my ground πŸ˜‰;

Even though I ruminated all night,
(For I was getting up at midnight),

I managed to stop, by 6,
And remain busy the entire day;

I’ve noticed, whilst writing poems,
β€”That I finally have a use for…
All of those duplicated words,
And their superfluous lengthened versions,

Which makes it somewhat serendipitous,
When searching for just the word,
β€”To say what I mean and maintain the rhythm,
And it just falls into place;

So anyways,
Today I’m doing the same,
β€”Staying free from ruminating,

For I’ve been wished a good morning,
So I’m going to try it again.


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