I’ve annoyed myself now at my inability to communicate and constraining myself to write in poems.

Basically I started writing probably a bit too much, then spending way too much time obsessing about it because I was depressed and not keeping busy enough. Which made me feel guilty and like I’d lost sight of myself and the purpose for writing here. And I felt the need to write about that here, because I don’t have many outlets at all for thoughts that I need to share and discuss.

Then in my annoyance and impatience I was unnecessarily harsh about things and also generalising too much.

Then I got really annoyed at myself for expressing things that in a better mood and with a clearer mind, I no longer agreed with and which didn’t make sense. And I like being precise!

I’ve fixed it all by being busier, and disabling some of the notifications :).

My feelings about things can change drastically depending on my mood. Then adding impulsivity and impatience…recipe for disaster sometimes!

Now I’ve perfectly expressed myself and I’m happy!


Dry me properly! πŸ˜’


4 thoughts on “TL;DR

  1. I feel you. I can think completely different about things depending on my mood. Sometimes my moods feel like the just take me over, but I’ve been slowly learning there’s a lot I can do to lessen the intensity and duration of depression/anxiety.

    You guessed it, swimming regularly is one way for me.

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    1. “I can think completely different about things depending on my mood”
      So, so, so true…!


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