Sorry WordPress

I have to laugh at my earlier post,
β€”The one about addiction,
And negative side-effects;

It was pretty impulsive,
And also generalising,
WordPress is different,
To the ones I’ve been avoiding;

The thing I’m really calling β€˜bullshit’ on,
Was the importance I’d attached, myself,
β€”To like notifications,
And social approval;

I do get addicted to things,
Pretty easily,
Especially in a depressed,
Unfocused state;

I read it back, and realised,
It almost sounds ungrateful,

β€”But obviously, the feedback through likes,
Is only positive,
And taken positively,

And I’ve disabled, now,
A lot of the notifications,
I’m more focused now,
And feeling happier;

So thank you for reading,
And also for liking,
I really appreciate it…
Have I dug myself out yet? πŸ˜…βš°οΈ


4 thoughts on “Sorry WordPress

    1. Yeah, totally agree with that! I’ve had all notifications on my phone disabled for ages. Even the badge ones are annoying and distracting. Even given all that, it was still distracting when using the wordpress app to see all the notifications within the app itself.

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