Addiction To WordPress

I’d become addicted,
To posting on WordPress,

It pains me to admit it,
But it was pretty obvious;

I’d been hesitant, in the beginning,
To see all of those ‘achievements’,
Likes, follows, milestones,
(Knowing my propensity to addiction);

Don’t do it, Robin,
You’ve always eschewed the ‘like’,
β€”Hated the idea of it,
And never dreamed of pressing it;

Yet, what is it exactly,
That makes the ‘like’ addictive?

It’s mostly, as with all of these things,
To do with notifications,

To be constantly reminded,
In real-time,
That I’m being approved of,
With little top-ups of dopamine;

It’s all bullshit;

Yet there’s some fundamental good,
Underneath all of that crap,
β€”Sharing here is good,
As is putting in some effort;

So I believe it’s possible,
For me to use this thing for good,
Without too many bad side-effects,
It just starts with self-awareness.


14 thoughts on “Addiction To WordPress

  1. WordPress is very different from the other social media which people just press like for the sake of it. It is quite mindless and time consuming. Where on WordPress the members have to make an effort by writing something which we can either relate to or not. I have met some very interesting writers since I have been on here.

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    1. Yeah, you’re right, I totally agree πŸ™‚. To be honest, a lot of my posts don’t take much effort, especially now that my typing OCD has vastly reduced through practice. Which is a real blessing that so much of it comes so naturally and effortlessly, but does make it more addictive.

      I’ve disabled all the ‘like’ and ‘follow’ notifications nowβ€” which isn’t saying that I don’t appreciate them! I will of course still notice those things, but more ‘accidentally’, and less often. The comment notifications are the ones I really care about :), so it feels good to be more focused that.

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      1. If you are writing without much effort then it is coming direct from your Soul. The more you connect the more it flows so easily without having to draft it out. The mind controls the OCD and your Soul is becoming stronger within you and over-ruling the mind. Keep on going.

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      2. Yeah :), it definitely is always coming from my soul.

        And yeah…about being connected. And being connected depends on there not being lots of external noise xD. Those times when there’s noise it becomes incredibly difficult and stressful to write.

        Thank you so much :), that’s definitely true also about my soul overriding the OCD. I’m going to get back into music again today, I’ve neglected it for over a week. OCD has been winning! But I’m going to act without thinking! πŸ˜€

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    1. Yeah, I do totally agree πŸ™‚. Maybe I’m exceptionally good at making things addictive xD. No it does have a lot to do with my often-depressed and isolated state. Because I keep getting caught up in rumination and OCD, I keep having dead time where I’m not busy, and I’ve exhausted my brain so I can’t even focus on things anymore…urgh. I made a big effort to stop that yesterday afternoon, and doing the same now. I can do it :).

      Thank you for your comment and for reading my thoughts!


    2. Alsoβ€” WordPress is less addictive, and more personal and “real”, because people have more-specific reasons for posting, and more effort goes into each one. A lot of addiction is about effort-reward ratio.


  2. It can be addicting to look at the stats, the likes and so on. I agree with you on the comment section, it is nice to know that someone red your message and could relate to it. I have no notifications either, it would make me go crazy I think. When I open the computer, I go and look at my blog and that’s it.

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    1. Thanks, yeah. It’s been as much to do with my depressed and isolated state lately though, I think. Not being busy or happy enough :). But then at the same time it was a big distraction from doing those things. I AM feeling much better with only comment notifications allowed :D.

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    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. I agree on that it’s definitely healthy :). It was just that for me it was becoming unhealthy, with the volume of like and follow notifications etc. This started becoming a problem for me only in the last two months, and is as much down to my personality and circumstances too. I’m already feeling less distracted though after disabling most of the notifications :).


  3. Stats can certainly be addictive. What I like about the “like” is that it gives a sense of connecting with other people, far more so than it does on social media platforms.


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