Appreciation #2

It’s a little weird,
To be doing this,

When this daily stream of consciousness is…
Contiguous with the last,

(And still, somehow,
I manage to be late!)
But anyway,

Some things that I appreciate:

I woke up today,
β€”Or rather,
Gave up on sleep,
But don’t tell anybody!
β€”I’m alive in the universe,
That’s a good thing;

Living in this house…
Has constituted an important experiment,
Revealing the depth of my hatred for certain sounds,
Or otherwise known as misophonia;

I’m already struggling…great,
And this is a problem with me,
β€”I am no good at all,
At recall on-demand,

β€”But what I DO appreciate,
Has been my ability to work around that…
Derive those equations,
Don’t bother with memorising them!


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