Inspiration πŸ’™

It’s just amazing, to me,
What has happened to me,

Through discovering writing,
And WordPress community;

I’ve met so many,
Of the people I revere,
β€”Those who live life through emotion,
And are sparing with their judgement;

There’s some amazing people on here,
Whom share their wisdom freely,
Born of experiences so sincere,
Yet stillβ€” write so wholly kindly;

My poems, lately,
Have left me feeling unseemly,
For I hate to complain so much,
About things which I know can be seen as tiny,

Yet, I don’t regret them of course,
For those really do affect me,
It’s justβ€”
That someone else’s attitude,
Has managed to help me;

For me to get behind anything,
I have to connect emotionally,
β€”For argument from punishment,
Has never worked with me,

And so, to connect through love,
With one who’s been through,
So much,

For me, sometimes,
And others too,
That could maybe be enough πŸ’™.


20 thoughts on “Inspiration πŸ’™

  1. Gosh, Robin, this poem truly made me happy (for you!)
    Gosh, I am here first, that is a first … Ha Ha.
    You know I care and want only the best for you, always!
    You are a special soul!
    I am so glad I saw this post before I turned off the lights in my motor home.
    My better-half just said, ‘are you coming to bed so we can listen to the coyotes together?”
    (Yes , there are coyotes here!)

    Great poem BTW .
    Off to bed I go

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    1. Thanks a lot Margie! Glad I got it published just then, then 😁.

      Thanks so much πŸ’™, that comment made me feel good!

      Hahaha! Oh man…don’t let me come in the way of your husband…! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚.

      Good morning! I’ve napped twice now today…I got up after only 4 hours’ sleep, as I was super inspired by something, but then fell into perfectionism and rumination for most of the day….:\. But I’ve reset now, and enjoy doing some reading on here, and replying to comments :).

      Hope you have a good day!

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    1. That’s awesome πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™. Yes, it really is a big thing to look forward toβ€” both writing and reading. I haven’t been so much into reading lately, as at other times, but feeling like it again now :).

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    1. Thank you Ember!

      No, I totally agree with you on that actually! I’m always good in a crisis 😁.πŸ’™. Which does draw me to crisesβ€”into other peoples’, wanting to help them!

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  2. Well, that’s lovely, as long as you’re not over stretching yourself. It’s all too easy for good people to do that. This is why temples in the East to the goddess of compassion have gears statues guarding them!

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    1. Thank you! No, you’re right, I was a bit over-optimistic here, even disingenuous, haha. I may have even had a rebound depression effect when that wore off xD.

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