Daytime Naps!?

Daytime naps,
Are both incredibly confusing,
And disorientating,

β€”I am still new to the experience,
With a lifetime of natural resistance;

For when there’s daylight, and people bustling,
There’s no way,
I feel like sleeping;

And come evening, when at my best,
I feel most like doing,
Which is most confusing,
Since I’m such a person of the morning!

But now I’m taking anti-depressants;

Two naps today,
And both times, coming awakeβ€”
This was more confusing,
Than coming round after a good anaesthetising,

But less annoying,
Without a nurse going ‘Robin???’,
Once they saw my eyelids,
Begin a-fluttering;

What day is it? What time is it?
Did I do that…yesterday, today…
Tomorrow? Wait what?
Why am I wearing clothes?

Memory of thing:
Happened just now,
Also memory of thing:
Happened three hours ago;



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