Appreciation πŸ‘Š #1

I aim to write most mornings,
A list of (three) things that I’m grateful for,

For I was inspired, by a little book,
And I remain so ever grateful:

My carβ€”
Which housed me for so long,
And keeps on going,
So reliably;

My little brother Tobyβ€”
Who connects with me emotionally,
And through his struggles and achievements,
Inspires me additionally;

Little Mistyβ€”
Who is not only cute,
But loyal, friendly, forgiving,
And lives life so playfully 🐾.


14 thoughts on “Appreciation πŸ‘Š #1

      1. And yeah, haha. Why was that so surprisingβ€” where did you guess I was? Lol πŸ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Lolβ€” you fixed what shit? You smoked some marijuana? Confused…πŸ˜†. Cool, which state is it? πŸ’™


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