Poems Out Of Pain πŸ’™

That hurt,

It hasn’t happened for a while,
But I got into an OCD/rumination cycle,
(a bad one, anyway);

I crashed out asleep,
When back from the shops,
Then woke on my bed,
With the lethargy of post-op!

And because my brain was swimming,
I worried about what I was doing,
When actually,
I needn’t have :),
So there’s the lesson,
At least;

I lost a bit of time,
Through perfectionism and obsession,
Then through beating myself up,
Rumination and depression;

I ended up feeling sick,
And with a headache,
From all of that painful loneliness,
And mental looping;

But it’s ok,
I’ve written about it now,
I’ve got it off my chest,
I feel more at peace now πŸ™‚,

It’s so much of a comfort,
When from bad experiences such as this,
I am able to turn that effort,
Into writing something which exists


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