Noise Is Not Funny

I still can’t rest,
Until I’ve got this off my chest,

But the creaking of floorboards above me,
Is making me so stressed;

Now I’m aware, how my reaction to it,
Is dependent upon my mental state,
β€”Intensive exercise used to help with this,
Although it had a half-life, then,
And the benefit would abate;

But this is a problem of unseen disturbances;
β€”Sensory events that you do not see coming;

Another example would be somebody else vacuuming,
Which is a bad enough noise in itself,
But when whose timing is unknown and also punctuated,
Is horrifying and exhausting;

And when the heavy-set guy above me,
Starts moving around with absolute suddenty,
It’s an explosion of noise,
A staccato ignition,

Coming completely unexpectedly,
And demanding my full attention;

My body, reacting to danger;
Suffuses with instant stress,
And my ever-shortening fuse,
Leads to ever-worsening temper.

And I barely have any hearing in my left ear…
So it’s somewhat ironic and confusing,
That I remain so sensitive to sound,
β€”Though, having said that,
My right ear is hypersensitive,
So, conceivably,
It’s also a problem of directionality.


7 thoughts on “Noise Is Not Funny

    1. Hi Puzzles, yes that sounds like me! I once stayed with a friend in Hong Kong who lived in a tower next to another one whose foundations were just being constructedβ€” the noisiest part of the whole process! I was jet-lagged and couldn’t sleep at night, and that noise during the day…oh man!! Even distant building noise is so disturbing, with the repetitiveness and jarringness of it.

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