Second-Hand Smoking Sucks

Would you believe it,
After that commotion yesterday,
Igniting of fuses,
And quasar energies,

β€”You got me at a weak point,
In the morning,
Hungry and dehydrated,
I just wanted to make porridge;

But, there’s actually,
Nearly always somebody smoking,
God how it’s digusting;

I have zero patience for smoking,
And that was true before the ban,
β€”Another thing, which aggravates me,
How can that possibly be socially accepted!?

You’re telling me,
It takes government regulation?
To suddenly react with indignity?

Or maybe it was just,
One of those Twitter-bandwagons,
An intravenously-vain vehicle of virtue?

Oh dear,
For f**k’s sake,
And all that,

I guess it’s time,
To go back,
Smoke has probably cleared by now,
The tw*t.


3 thoughts on “Second-Hand Smoking Sucks

  1. I so agree with you Robin on the second-hand smoking!
    I feel badly you have to endure the smoking around you.
    We went to a casino here a few days ago, the stench from the smoking was horrible and we had to leave.
    I am surprised at all the people who still smoke with all the health risks it brings.

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