It’s A Blood Moon

The priority for this weekβ€”

Increase social contact;

Social contact,
Social contact,
Social contact!

I’m the social vampire,
β€”I gain so much energy,
From conversations with people;

Human connection,
Turns my sleepy, depressed mind,
Into a happy, stimulated, exultant one;

With a certain level of human contact,
I also revel in being alone,
Working towards my goals,
And being creative with hobbies;

Without enough contact, however,
Everything falls to s**t;

I’m such a gregarious person,
As people have remarked,
And I’m looking for fresh blood,
I have my first victims earmarked πŸ˜‰.


4 thoughts on “It’s A Blood Moon

  1. I think that in today’s world it is really difficult to make sense of social contact because a lot of our interactions with others can seem to be less meaningful than others.
    Today social media really seems to have a lot of people who have lots of friends but they don’t seem to relate in the sense of reality.
    I hope though that your social interactions will bring you all that you need.

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    1. Yeah, I limit all of my interactions to meaningful ones, and make them all as interactive as possible. In order of priority, I choose as communication methods: face-to-face, phone, instant messaging, email. I only downgrade when I have to because of e.g. physical distance, or other constraints.

      I expect this kind of movement back to more interaction will become more popular over time. It always seems as though a lot of people come to realise a lot of things that I find instinctive, in relation to health (physical and mental), and this must be because I’m very sensitive. So if I can help speed up the process with little nudges, I will! 😁.

      Thank you, yeah I just need to make more local friends, that’s it. Loneliness has been my biggest limiting factor over the last two years, and I now have a base from which I can improve that πŸ™‚.

      Thanks for your comment! And for reading.

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      1. You are very welcome and I actually find your reply very inspiring.
        I tend to become overwhelmed with life and back away from social media etc but also from meaningful communication and relationships.
        I moved to Wales just over 5 years ago and even now my Fiancee and I know very few people so it sometimes feels like you are starting life all over again.


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